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Beta carotene is good for lung cystic fibrosis patients

Date:Mar 24,2012

Eichler and his colleagues at the university of Vienna children's hospital i. randomly selected from 13 patients with CF, beta-carotene, 1 mg/kg daily, until the maximum 50 mg, for three months. The following 3 months, reduced to 10 mg/day. The other 11 patients with CF to six months of placebo treatment.

It was found that patients taking beta carotene plasma levels increased significantly, increased by an average of 0.08 micromoles/l to 0.56 mol/l. When dose reductions, micro plasma level of average dropped to 0.32 mol/l. Only with beta carotene 1 mg/kg daily high doses, can maintain its plasma concentration of normal. The study to be published in the January 2001 issue of the journal chest.

Before starting the research of 3 months, the patients need for an average of 14.5 days of systemic antibiotic treatment, to control the acute pulmonary disease evil

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