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Concentrate prices cost pressure test beverage companies

Date:Mar 24,2012

Is seen as a drink orange juice into new growth points of 2006 is not up, as the important raw material of orange juice concentrate, its international price has from the beginning of 2005's $870 a tonne, up to $1700 a tonne, up to 100% of the rose has been to many enterprises deep cost pressures.

A few days ago, a famous domestic beverage manufacturers, revealed in an interview with reporters, head had orange juice production enterprises to raise the retail price, although the big enterprise and have no plan price, but if the rising cost pressure, believe that industry overall price increase is inevitable trend.

It is understood that in 2005, has been affect the price of international orange juice concentrate barometer of Florida hurricane has experienced three times, causing citrus production in large quantities. According to the U.S.

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