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Natural carotene ─ Anti-Cancer Star

Date:Mar 24,2012

Abroad, beta carotene in vitamin A, B, C, E and so on in the most famous, and as Chinese people all know ginseng tonic. A large number of scientific research at home and abroad data confirmed that the beta carotene prevention and treatment of cancer has exact curative effect. Oxygen free the flood in the body will not only damage to normal cells, and often cause distortion and form cancer, beta carotene on the oxygen free radical is the strongest "Nemesis". Scientific research has confirmed that beta carotene in the blood cancer patients is much lower than normal.

Cancer patients accepted radiotherapy and chemotherapy, beta carotene can reduce its adverse reaction. Radiation can induce to produce oxygen free radicals and cell microsome membrane complete stop oxygen free radical generation, beta carotene can safeguard microsome membrane integrity; Chemotherapy drugs at killing ?

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