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Natural carotene and iron deficiency anemia

Date:Mar 24,2012

Children in our country to higher incidence of iron deficiency anemia. Currently about 40% of children suffering from varying degrees of nutritional iron deficiency anemia, rural children is as high as 50 to 60% to ensure the healthy growth of children, to explore the effects of natural carotene improve iron nutrition, natural carotene as adopted by tianjin his preparations for pre-school children 651 person-time, after three months of human trials. The experimental results show that: in the vitamin A levels increase at the same time, also improved children's nutritional status of iron. Experimental group after intervention in three months the iron hemoglobin and serum protein were increased obviously, and the free protoporphyrin in red blood cells is significantly lower. Proof of natural carotene on iron in the body's metabolic utilization and storage has a good effect. Iron and vitamin A ?

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